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Denver’s Newest Escape Room Has A Bar (And A Restaurant)

Solutions ​Lounge & Restaurant Featuring Escapology is opening in Five Points this week.

PSST… Solutions Lounge & Restaurant featuring Escapology to Open in Denver

Solutions Lounge & Restaurant Featuring Escapology, located in the heart of Denver, at 22nd and California will be the city’s first and only escape room complex that also serves a full food and beverage menu.

Solutions Adds Food and Drink to the Escape Room Experience

Tina and Vic Ronder tried to escape — but they just got pulled deeper into the escape-room experience. After recognizing the business potential of the popular puzzle rooms that require team members to work together to solve the mystery and unlock the door, the couple is building their own version — complete with drinks and dining.

Missile crisis, Western shootout, and cheese? Couple puts culinary twist on escape room

The mission: invest $1 million into a Five Points escape room that combines seven different puzzle rooms with a cheese-oriented restaurant.

An Arapahoe Square building that once primarily served as storage for Porsches and collectible cars is expected to get a brewery, an escape room and a restaurant later this year.

Vanwest Partners shelled out $3 million for the nearly 102-year-old spot at 2200 California Street last May. The Denver-based developer is hoping the location will be the latest draw in the rapidly changing Five Points area.