Our Restaurant

Not only do we incite sumptuous evenings of enthralling steampunk adventure, we also feature a delicious dining experience for game-seekers and casual patrons alike.

Solutions Lounge & Restaurant delivers a full-service dining experience, including lunch, happy hour, and dinner seven days a week. Our culinary offerings feature an eclectic mix of cheese-centric dishes including fresh caprese salads, unique mac n’ cheese creations, artful grilled cheese specialties, and sophisticated artisanal cheese plates.

Our crown jewel is the Fromage a Raclette, which will satisfy the deepest of cultured dairy cravings. Raclette is a wheel of cheese which originated in Switzerland fit for melting to bubbly perfection and scraping onto a plate of cured meats, roasted vegetables, and crusty bread. We bring you this culinary masterpiece with a bit of theatre as we roll our custom carts through the dining room serving you Raclette table-side. A thoughtfully curated wine list is available for all your pairing needs, as well as a full-service bar that specializes in artfully crafted signature cocktails inspired by the themes of each of our escape room games and locally sourced craft beers.

Solutions Lounge & Restaurant in Denver boasts a rich steampunk-themed interior which will transport you to another time and place with an imaginative ambience of art-nouveau luxury and neo-Victorian charm. Be seen by every passer-by as you dine alfresco on our outdoor patio nestled against our majestic front façade. Our bar and lounge serves as a vibrant yet relaxed destination where you can indulge your taste buds with our delectable menu and sip on distinctive beverages from our sophisticated and invigorating bar area.

Our Cheeses

We specialize in cheese. That’s right…cheese. And what better food is there to specialize in?

Right on time, we’ve arrived in Denver just as the Raclette craze sweeps the nation. Settle in as we carve savory, aromatic, creamy slices of melted cheese straight from the round onto the finest cured meats, roasted vegetables, and locally baked breads right at your table. Our Raclette service is performed from our custom-made stainless steel Raclette heating devices that look like Steampunk contraptions from the fictional era of Jules Verne and Sherlock Holmes.

Though incredible enough to envelop an entire menu, we won’t restrict your cheese indulgences to just Raclette. We have the premiere gourmet selection of cheese dishes and cheese plates in Denver and throughout all of Colorado. Our menu is loaded with warm and gooey dishes like cheese curds, grilled cheese specialties, and bacon mac n’ cheese, among many others, to satisfy the deepest of your cultured-dairy cravings.

Our rotating cheeseboards are often locally sourced, but we also don’t hold back on importing the best cheeses from Italy, France, Spain, Germany, and countless other countries.

You’ll find our cheeses rotate often, allowing you to travel the world from the comfort of our restaurant via a wide range of eclectic delights such as Taleggio, Brie, Roquefort, Burrata, and Manchego.

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