With 3500 square feet of open Lounge and Restaurant space and 2600 square feet of escape rooms, Solutions Lounge & Restaurant is a great destination for virtually any event. Corporate Events, Holiday, Birthday, Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties, Work Events, Networking Meet-Ups and a Cruisers Pit Stop are just a few different kinds of parties we love to host.

We offer set menus for larger parties, or, for parties of any size, you’re welcome to simply set up a tab and order as you go. Call us at 303-653-9182 or complete the form on our website with some basic info on your party, and we’ll get back to you shortly.

Corporate Events

Solutions Lounge & Restaurant in Denver provides an environment that encourages teamwork, trust, and communication. Participants in our escape room scenarios have to work together in close quarters and think outside the box to solve complex problems and puzzles. It is the ideal team building exercise or just a great place to have fun!  If you would like to explore a more professionally structured program, our communication and team building professionals are happy to explain how Escapology Live Escape Games can be enhanced to equip your people with new levels of communication ability and eagerness to engage and deliver as part of your high-performance teams.

We have developed a number of professional programs related to the hiring, team building and promoting processes.  All programs can be customized to include food, drink and a private setting within our Solutions Lounge and Restaurant venue.

Office Parties

Sometimes you need to take the team out for some fun! You can reserve the entire facility, or even just lock down a few tables and games—whatever fits the size and style of your gathering. We have it all in one place, the fun, the food, and the drink. We ask that you make reservations two to four weeks prior to your event.